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 We J.S. Collection - are one of the Indian leading Exporter of All kinds of Indian Handicrafts items. We are supplying to more than 17 customers of many different Countries since more than 8 years.

If you are seeking unique, diverse, Metal Art ware and decorative accessories, look no further. J.S. Collection is in the business of delivering the best of the classics and the newest of trends.

J.S. Collection was founded by Javed Akhtar and Shahwar Gul to meet the demand for Indian Handicraft  and other Artware, handmade home accessories. Today, we have clients around the world and are renowned for our knowledge, exceptional product line, prompt deliveries, and personal attention to detail.

We frequently travel throughout India to select a continuously fresh line of products. Our knowledge of design trends and the design industry is extensive. Whether an item is stylistically classic or current, it must be of the finest quality and crafted with the care of Old World artisans. But quality doesn't end with the product. Quality communication with our customers, expert shipping and fast deliveries make all the difference.

Once you make your product selections from our showrooms in Moradabad or from this website, your order will be ship  from our Moradabad Factory within 45-60 business days.

Thank you for exploring what we have to offer. We delight in making our customers happy!


Javed Akhtar

Shahwar Gul